Thursday, January 24, 2008

it would be cooler if you did

when it's the slightest bit windy outside the widow panes in my room shake, the sound it makes is similar to that of a crazy maniac trying to break into my room. needless to say it is not a great sleeping enviornment in my room right now. i downloaded an awesome album just the other day and i can't stop listening to it. most of you may remember the band harvey danger from thier smash hit "flagpole sitta" most popularly recognized on the awesome american pie soundtrack. listening to this whole album is such an awesome suprise, i have always loved that one song but the rest of the album rules. that is always the best feeling just like buying a shirt when you were younger in xl and then forget about it and now you recognize it for its greatness and you can finally fit in it/wear it all the time. maybe i get excited over dumb things, regardless here is the album in its entirety:

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